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Kinde of Perlite


Raw Perlite

Perlite rock is discovered as mineral resources. Then, it is grinded and graded using crushers and several sieves, respectively. The graded perlite is commercially found in different forms such as 1-0, 1.5-1, 2.5-1.5mm and etc. Additionally, graded perlite rock (raw perlite) is used as raw material in those factories producing expanded perlite

 Production Process of Expanded Perlite Factory

Raded perlite is transferred from raw materials storehouse to vertical furnace using an elevator and is expanded in temperature of 800-1000ºC under heat shock. Expanded perlite is lightweight and white in different sizes which are sorted using silicon and sieves. Five types of expanded perlite are divided in production line of this company and the sizes can be changed and adjusted in production line.

Expanded perlite has different applications in different industries according to meshing.

 Expanded perlite

Graded raw perlite is expanded through a special process and thermal shock of about 800-1000°c and meshed using several sieves and silicones. It is commercially found after being packed